Multifunctional dyes

I have developed a suite of multifunctional dyes that leverage the brightness, fluorogenicity (i.e., non-fluorescent to fluorescent), and tunable cell permeability of Janelia Fluor (JF) dyes to push their utility from solely imaging labeled proteins to also manipulating them via the dye-linked cargo. These multifunctional dyes have three components working in unison: genetic targeting ligand; bright and photostable JF dye for fluorescence readout and small-molecule delivery; and small-molecule cargo. Such multifunctional dyes maintain targetability, fluorescence, and functional cargo that allow us to create superior tools for cell-biology, chromatin biology, pharmacology, and advanced imaging. This represents a new avenue in the development of dye-based molecular tools.

Pratik Kumar, PhD
Pratik Kumar, PhD
HHMI Postdoctoral Associate

I am a chemical biologist and I make chemical tools for biology.